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The first of its kind on the European market: Opening detector

"AMK 100 G4" with EN grade 4 and VdS C certification*

BAU 2013, Munich: LINK is introducing the AMK 100 G4 , the first magnetic contact available on the European market with EN grade 4 and VdS C certification, the strictest level of certification from EN 50131-2-6:2008.

One of the main features of the AMK 100 G4 is that the magnet being monitored can be encrypted, which makes it virtually impossible to manipulate. This way, the windows and doors being monitored can effectively be protected from attempted vandalism and burglary, even when particularly skilled criminals are at work.

In addition to the already common EN grade 3 opening detector, this product also offers the following safety features and functions:

  • Encryption of the magnet to be monitored. The sensor only recognises the compatible (teached-in) magnet as correct.
  • Reliable vandalism monitoring for the insertion of additional magnetic fields.
  • Sensor clearly differentiates between vandalism and opening/break-ins.
  • Error message in the case of faults and low voltage.
  • Sensor is protected against being removed from the installation surface.


Product application

The AMK 100 G4 is designed to be installed in burglary detection systems which need to comply with the strictest security standards.

Special features

  • Compact design (80 x 17 x 22 mm)
  • Highest level of security thanks to the use of teached-in magnets
  • Increased flexibility for installers because the magnet is teached in at the installation location and not in the factory.
  • Energy consumption <10 mA
  • Wide supply voltage range: 12 to 24 V







Interfacing examples:








Technical specification

  Operating voltage:

  12 to 24 V DC

  Energy consumption (monitoring mode):

  approx. 5 mA (typical)

  Energy consumption (teach-in mode, LED):

  max. 13 mA

  Permitted installation gap for the magnet detector:

  5 to 12 mm

  Installation offset on the sides (all-around):

  max. 1.5 mm

  Gap to metal components:

  min. 2 mm

  Permitted "distortion" after teaching in (radial):

  max. 1.5 mm

  Signal output:

  electronic switch

  Transfer resistance:

  approx. 7 ohm (typical)

  Electrical isolation input – output:

  at least 30 V

  Permitted output current:

  max. 50 mA

  Permitted output voltage:

  max. 30 V

  Measurement speed:

  approx. 100 ms

  Connection cable:

  LIYY 9 x 0.14 mm² copper tin-plated

  Cable diameter:

  5.8 mm

  Cable length:

  VdS-approved up to 10 m

  Temperature range:

  -40°C to +70°C

  Protection class:

  VdS - environmental class III; IP67 EN III/A

  Certification VdS:

  Class C, G113032

  Certification EN:

  Grade 4, EN-ST-000122


Further Informations:

Einbruchschutz auf höchstem Niveau (Publication, g+h Gebäudetechnik und Handwerk)
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* Available through OEM and ODM

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