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Door Loops

For different applications we provide you with special door loop variations. Important criterias for the choice of the correct product the opening ancle and the turn axle of the door. More detailed information to these questions you may find on the respective product pages and in the product brochure, which you will find as download in the following.

Please note that due to the large variety of door and window profiles it is not possible to give you some general hints where to install the door loop.

As well as in case of the concealed door loops there are also different types of open door loops (diametre, material und color).

We recommend you to use door loops with an inner spiral diameter which is ditinctly large than the outer cable diameter you would like to put through. That's needed for an easy installation and unproblematic and durable operation.

If you shorten spirals or tubes please take care of harp edges. If possible please the our plastic stoppers to avoid damages.

Brochure "Door Loops"


Brochure as download in PDF file format

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