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LGC - LINK Glass Connect

Intelligent solution for the operation with electrified glasses / insulated glass windows

Innovative, electrified glass solutions need an equally innovative connection technology that satisfies all market requirements.

Our solutions in combination with alarm glass have been in use for over 10 years and can therefore, from experience, guarantee durability and trouble-free service (operation).

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Suitable for various applications:

Insulating glass with interior blinds, lamellae or foils

Intelligent glass (Electrochromic glass): LC glass, LED glass

Sensor technology

Windows with smoke and heat exhaust (Window ventilator)



LGC consists of various components that form an integral system and can be used modularly depending on the installation situation.

Application example for tilt-and-turn windows with internal blinds:

Component A
A flat plug with an approx. 30 cm connection cable is used to connect the motor to the control unit.

Component B
An optional extension lead to connect the plug and socket, available in various lengths. This allows different window heights to be spanned effortlessly without any problem.
This extremely flat plug connection is then set into the glazing rebate on the window.

Component C
A detachable miniature door loop with moulded socket is fitted to enable concealed routing of the line between the window casement and frame. No specialist knowledge is required to connect or disconnect this to or from the window frame. Maintenance and installation work can therefore be carried out easily without the need to remove window frames.

All components are highly resistant to wet and humid conditions (IP 67). The system also offers the option to measure corresponding sections electrically.


Product Video LGC


Further Informations:

Multifunktionale Glas- und Fassadentechnologie (Publication, GIT-Sicherheit)
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Brochure LGC
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Whitepaper LGC
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If questions remain simply contact us, we will be happy to give you further advice!

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